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Writing Motivation

Can you write 750 words a day

June 16, 2010

I think 750 is a pretty decent goal for a day. 500 seems to pass in a blink and 1000 seems to be rough. I frequently find myself grooving for 600-800 words and then burning out. No idea why.
I just found a website that will let you type the words in your browser and track [...]

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Writing Motivation Newsletter

June 14, 2010

I’m starting a FREE writing motivation newsletter.
What’s in it for you?

Daily reminder to go write something.
Motivational quotation or writing prompt or links to interesting articles
Short emails because you need to be writing not reading
Occasional book reviews (very occasional)
A feeling of being a part of a bigger community of people trying to stay motivated to finish [...]

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What to write when you do not want to write

June 6, 2010

I have been writing 500-800 words a day on a book. I have bits and pieces of known plot but a lot of black holes and dark valleys. So, I’m just randomly writing scenes that I think should be in the book which has been introducing me to side stories and minor characters at a [...]

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Writing a lot in a little bit of time

June 3, 2010

Every so often, I’ll schedule a run and then when the time comes just not feel like doing it. I learned a long time ago how to get the run in anyway. I just tell myself to go run the first mile and if I don’t feel like doing it anymore I can stop. I [...]

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Writing motivation by putting your money on the line

May 30, 2010

I’m a running hack as well as a writing hack. I spend a few months running and then skip a week and then a month and then (sometimes) a year before I decide to start running again. When I start running again, I spend a few days plodding around the streets or on a treadmill [...]

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