One of my failure points

by TheHack on July 1, 2010

I have a few ideas for stories that have been in my head for years. I have played with most of them off and on over that time frame and failed to finish the story. Normally it is because I like the idea and don’t want to “waste” it on a crappy story.

But right now I am a mostly crappy writer. A lot of that is because I don’t finish and edit very many stories. And a lot of that is because I am afraid of wasting good ideas….


Especially since ideas are anywhere and everywhere.

Especially since it is stopping me from finishing stories.

The bigger question is how to fix it. I would imagine that I need to just write stories. Finish stories. Edit stories. And then submit stories to try to get them published.

Then the story will be done and I can work on the next idea.

So, let’s get started on a short story that I started a rough draft of about three years ago about a bunch of women gossiping at one of those Tupperware type of parties where the gossip turns to a bit of petty revenge at the end.

And let’s add some potential public shame to this. The story needs to be finished and submitted somewhere before October 20th. That’s an insanely long deadline for this story but the Writers’ Journal Write to Win! story prompt for October 20th is “Hey what are you…” which could absolutely work for my story.

So final draft due by October 20th. If it ends up being under 1500 words, submit it to this contest. If not, pick somewhere else and have it in the mail by October 20th.

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Jacqui July 6, 2010 at 10:44 pm

Writing stories are very hard. You have so little time to get all that character development, plotting, descriptions in. I admire your tenacity. Poetry is even harder.

Then, you have tweets. I don’t know what to say about those. Whew!

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