Starting Out

by TheHack on December 7, 2009

Wanting to be a writer is an interesting thing. Does a writer want to get ideas out of his head and onto paper and maybe even in front of other eyeballs? Or does a writer want to get ideas into paying customers’ hands?

I probably fall between the two. But my greater interest might be how the Internet and e-Books will change the way fiction writers work in the future.

In addition to just the actual craft of writing stories, there is a lot to learn about the ever changing worlds of self-publishing, coming up with and developing ideas, e-Book considerations, using social media, using software and other tools to improve our writing and still poking the print publications.

These are the kinds of topics I’ll be writing about from the perspective of a complete writing hack.

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There’s sure a lot to learn about the publishing industry. It’s an interesting world that weaves creativity and strategies into one dynamic piece. I strongly encourage you to write about it.

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