The Writing Calendar

by TheHack on June 8, 2010

After writing my post about what to write when you don’t feel like writing, I started to think it really would be a good idea to officially schedule what kinds of writing I want to do on which days of the week. That way when I sit down, I can just start writing instead of trying to talk myself into different projects.

This schedule is designed to give me a good mix of writing the various sections of the book I’m working on, editing some short stories so I can start sending them out to magazines, and writing new short stories so I am allowed to chase fluffy bunnies…but only on a certain day of the week.

One note: the book I’m working on starts out in a present and then has a big flashback that will take up a good chunk of the book before coming back to the present at the end.

So here’s the proposed schedule:

  • Sunday – Scenery Sunday – this involves going back and adding in descriptions of people and places that I frequently ignore on the first draft and hate working on during an official edit.
  • Monday – Flashback: 500-1000 words
  • Tuesday – Present: 500-1000 words
  • Wednesday – New short story: 500-1000 words
  • Thursday – Flashback: 500-1000 words
  • Friday – Short story edit (or 500-1000 words of a new story if I have nothing else ready to edit)
  • Saturday – Flashback: 500-1000 words

Once the story develops further and gets more tightly outlined, I might shift around the days or get rid of one of the short story days but I think this will work well for me in general. It identifies three problem areas for me (editing, scenery, and getting distracted by side projects) and assigns time to do them.

Also, as I get some short stories polished up and ready for submission, I’ll add a day of the week for that.

Do you have any kind of schedule that you follow?

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