What to write when you do not want to write

by TheHack on June 6, 2010

I have been writing 500-800 words a day on a book. I have bits and pieces of known plot but a lot of black holes and dark valleys. So, I’m just randomly writing scenes that I think should be in the book which has been introducing me to side stories and minor characters at a great pace. It is also changing the narration voice quite a bit. Hopefully that will all settle down soon.

But today is one of those days. I just don’t really feel motivated to work on any of the scenes that I know about but I’d still like to get the words in just to keep the momentum. I could work on one of the short stories in the TODO pile but I have a better idea.

I’m going to write a description scene.

Most of the scenes so far are either super heavy on dialogue or super heavy on action. There has been very little time devoted to describing what characters look like or what rooms look like or what the city looks like. So that’s what I’m going to work on today.

I’m planning on jumping into a few of the scenes that involve different characters and locations and spend a couple hundred words on each just describing what it looks like, smells like and feels like.

With my natural tendency to skip these kinds of details, I could see this becoming a very practical weekly exercise. I might even schedule it into a certain day of the week. Something like a Scenery Sunday or something.

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