Writing a lot in a little bit of time

by TheHack on June 3, 2010

Every so often, I’ll schedule a run and then when the time comes just not feel like doing it. I learned a long time ago how to get the run in anyway. I just tell myself to go run the first mile and if I don’t feel like doing it anymore I can stop. I have only stopped after a mile a handful of times over the years. Once the blood gets pumping, I normally start enjoying the run.

I’ve started doing something similar with writing. I’m trying to write every day but sometimes my head just isn’t in the game and I’ll waste time “researching” or “organizing notes” or anything besides actually writing.

I have had great success recently when this unproductive mood hits. I set the timer on my iPod Touch for 15 minutes and just start writing. I write without allowing myself to be distracted. It normally results in 500-800 words which I consider a good amount of words for a day.

Plus, if I feel like “researching” or “organizing notes” at some point later in the day it is normally somewhat productive because I’m not just doing it to avoid writing.

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